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Council Tax

Budget and Council Tax Summary 2017-18loose-change



It is the responsibility of Ron Hogg, Durham Police, Crime and Victims' Commissioner (PCVC) to secure an efficient and effective police force for the area. This includes setting the budget for the police force.   The Government only provides around 75% of the funding necessary to run the force, and the rest is raised through part of Council Tax, known as the Policing Precept.

Ron is responsible for setting the level of the precept each year, after consulting with residents. Like the rest of Council Tax, how much residents pay depends upon the value of their home. 

The total provisional grant received by Durham (from the Government) in 2017-18 is £84,668,000 which is £1,115,000 less than in 2016-17.


Consulting with residents

Following extensive consultation and after considering the levels of Central Government funding for 2017-18, the PCVC agreed his budget and set the precept (policing element of the Council Tax) on 23 February 2017.

The consultation ran for three weeks in January 2017 and was available both online through the PCVC website and heavily promoted through social media channels, as promoted in the local press and public meetings, with hard copies being made available from the PCVC office.  The consultation was also widely circulated to partners including Elected Members, the County Durham Partnership, the Darlington Partnership, the Community Safety Partnerships, the Local Criminal Justice Board, Town and Parish Councils, Area Action Partnerships (AAPs), the Voluntary and Community Sector, and others, for onward cascade and circulation.


How much will households pay in 2017-18?

The following table summarises the what the Council Tax increase will mean for households in County Durham and Darlington:

Cost per household:
 Council Tax 2016-17 Council Tax 2017-18 Increase Per Year Increase Per Week 
Band A * £110.64  £112.83 £2.19  £0.04 
Band B £129.08  £131.63  £2.55  £0.05 
Band C £147.51  £150.44  £2.93  £0.06 
Band D ** £165.95  £169.24  £3.29  £0.06 
Band E £202.83  £206.85  £4.02  £0.08 
Band F £239.70  £244.46  £4.76  £0.09 
Band G £276.59  £282.07  £5.48  £0.11 
Band H £331.90 £338.48 £6.58 £0.13


* 55% of households in County Duram and Darlington are classed as Band A.

** Nationally, a typical property is classed as Band D. 


How your money is spent and how your police force is performing


Downloading this information

The financial information provided on this page is available to download as a leaflet by clickling on the following link:


Previous leaflets


Contact Us

Should you have any enquiries or need further information, please contact the Office of the Police, Crime and Victims' Commissioner by telephone, on: 0191 375 2001 or by email: general.enquiries@durham.pcc.pnn.gov.uk.


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