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Volunteering Opportunities

There are a number of opportunities available for residents across County Durham and Darlington, for those who are interested in volunteering and helping their community:


Restorative Hub

Restorative justice offers a victim of crime the chance to communicate with their offender. This could be done by meeting in person, by writing to one another, or by relaying messages through an impartial facilitator.

It allows a victim to ask questions that can’t be asked in any other setting, to help them get the answers and explanation they deserve. It also gives the victim a say in how the matter is resolved. They can can choose how amends are made and the harm repaired.

If you would you enjoy offering victims and offenders the chance to meet and communicate, then click on the link below for information on how you can get involved.



Community Peer Mentor Project

The Community Peer Mentors project supports people suffering from anti-social behaviour or neighbourhood disputes, perceived or real. 

Once trained, Community Peer Mentors work with individuals in pairs to find the reasons behind their behaviour or why they feel the way they do, and encourage them to find ways to get the help and support they need. Existing volunteers within this unique project have found it a rewarding experience to help others when they need it most. Mentors also have the opportunity to gain BTEC and NVQ qualifications as part of their voluntary work and numerous opportunities including Safeguarding and Mental Health Training.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact Jim Cunningham for more information on Tel: 0300 003 1818 or email: jim.cunningham@restorativehub.org.uk.



Independent Custody Visitors

Independent Custody Visiting is a well established system whereby trained volunteers attend police stations to check on the welfare and treatment of detainees and to ensure that their rights and entitlements are being correctly observed. It offers protection to both detainees and the police, and reassurance to the community at large. 

There are currently 26 Custody Visitors who fulfil this role. Although there are not currently any vacancies, details will be announced on this page when vacancies are available.



Police Support Volunteers

Durham Constabulary aims to deliver an excellent, customer-focused service to the people of County Durham and Darlington.

They value the commitment of the Police Support Volunteers who help the Constabulary achieve that aim. The Constabulary want to encourage communities to get involved in the issues which directly affect them and appreciate the extensive range or skills, experience and local knowledge volunteers can bring to the police service.

Durham Constabulary advise anyone interested in volunteering with them, to contact their local police station (either fasce to face, or by calling 101, to see if there are opportunities to volunteer wihtin the local area.

Any other volunteering oportunities in the future will be advertised on the Constabulary's website.



Further volunteering opportunities with local partner organisations:


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