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2015 Decision Log

Decisions made in 2015 either by the Police and Crime Commissioner, or by those with delegated authority, are recorded and published below. All accompanying reports (which can be made publicly available) will also be added to the following table.


Register of Decisions:











    DECISIONS MADE IN 2015:    
001 / 2015  PCC  Allocation of Victims Monies for 2014/15  01-01-2015  http://www.durham-pcc.gov.uk/Finance/Commissioning.aspx
002 / 2015  PCC  Approval of the acceptance of freehold interest of Former Police House, 1 Dryburn Hill  29-01-2015  2015-01-29 1 dryburn hill
003 / 2015  PCC  Council Tax Precept for 2015-16  02-02-2015 20150202 preceptincrease


004 / 2015  PCC  Membership of Police ICT company  03-02-2015 Police ICT company



PCC & Chief Constable Durham & Darlington Health & Justice Collaborative


 commissioning agreement
006/2015 PCC Shared Facilities Agreement - Fire Training Centre, Bowburn 24-03-2015  fire training centre bowburn
007/2015 PCC (& PCC for Cleveland) Firearms Access Control, Asset Management & Training Management System 24-03-2015  Firearms access control
008/2015 PCC Police and Crime Plan Refresh 24-03-2015  http://www.durham-pcc.gov.uk/Your-PCC/Police-and-Crime-Plan/Police-and-Crime-Plan.aspx
009/2015 PCC Grant Allocation to Safe Durham Partnership 01-04-2015  safe durham partnership allocation
10/2015 PCC Grant Allocaiton to Darlington Community Safety Partnership 01-04-2015  darlington csp
11/2015 PCC Checkpoint Contribution 01-04-2015 checkpoint
12/2015 PCC Mental Health & Well Being Support Service 01-04-2015  
13/2015 PCC Victims Strategic Planning - Support & Development Services to spport victims 01-04-2015  victims strategic planning
14/2015 PCC Financial contribution to funding for counselling services of victims of rape (RASACC) 01-04-2015  RASACC
15/2015 PCC HALO project - 2nd year funding 01-04-2015 HALO project - 2nd year funding
16/2015 PCC County Durham Community Foundation (CDCF) - Award of grant administration contract for PCC fund 01-04-2015  CDCF - grant administration
17/2015 PCC Local Criminal Justice Board - Contribution to Project Manager Role 01-04-2015  LCJB -contribution to project
18/2015 PCC Show Racism the Red Card 01-04-2015  srtrc
19/2015 PCC Stanhope Section Office 01-04-2015  stanhope section office
20/2015 PCC Restorative Justice Co-ordinators 01-05-2015  RJ Co-ordinators
21/2015 PCC Derwentside District Scouts - Grant Award 05-05-2015  scout hut
22/2015 PCC Durham Agency Against Crime (DAAC) Funding 2015-16 15-05-2015 DAAC funding
22A/2015 PCC Grants and Contributions 01-06-2015 20150601 Grants and Contributions
23/2015 PCC Report on Sale of Former Police House, 1 Dryburn Hill, Durham 10-06-2015 dryburn hill acceptance of offer
24/2015 PCC Renewal of a Tenancy Agreement for Embedded Officer 11-06-2015 tenancy renewal embedded officer
25/2015 PCC License agreement to Ethicare (Durham) Ltd, Land at Sherburn Section Office 12-06-2015  License agreement to Ethicare (Durham) Ltd
26/2015 PCC County Durham Coroners Support Service 22-06-2015  coronors support service
26A/2015 PCC Office Staffing Changes 02-07-2015 20150702 Office Staffing Changes
26B/2015 PCC Asset Depreciation 06-07-2015 20150706 Asset Depreciation
26C/2015 PCC The Police Arboretum Memorial Trust 20-07-2015 20150720 Police Arboretum Memorial Trust
26D/2015 PCC New Licence for Accommodation at Darlington Police Station for Victim Support 27-07-2015 New Licence for Accommodation at Darlington Police Station for Victim Support
27/2015 Chief of Staff Outcome of complaint Ref CR1/2014 against Chief Constable 10-08-2015 20150810 Outcome of complaint Ref CR1-2014 against Chief Constable
28/2015 PCC Extension od RJ Project 01-09-2015 20150901 Extension of RJ Project
29/2015 PCC Northern Power grid to install a power supply on the all-weather pitch for Airwaves temporary mast relocation 08-09-2015 20150908 Wayleave Agreement for Northern Powergrid
30/2015 PCC Approval of Internal and External Audit services to the PCC and Chief Constable 30-09-2015  
30A/2015 PCC

Report on Bowburn and Wheatley Hill Section Offices

01-10-2015 Report on Bowburn and Wheatley Hill Section Offices
30B/2015 PCC

Lease to Graham Asset Management of part of Framwellgate Moor section office

01-10-2015 Report on Lease to Graham Asset Management of part of Framwellgate Moor section office
30C/2015 PCC Transfer the Commissioning of Police Healthcare 01-10-2015 Transfer the Commissioning of Police Healthcare
31/2015 PCC Evolve - Formation of a single Integrated Dogs Support Unit 22-10-2015 20151022 Integrated Dogs Unit-Evolve Collaboration
32/2015 PCC Rent Reviews for Airwave Aerials 28-10-2015 Rent Reviews for Airwave Aerials
33/2015 PCC Darlington Integrated Support for Victims Pilot (Extension) 30-10-2015 20151030 Extension of Darlington Pilot
34/2015 PCC Sale of Former HQ Site – Contract Terms 30-10-2015 Report on Sale of Former HQ Site – Contract Terms
35/2015 PCC

Durham Agency Against Crime currently uses a force vehicle it has been agreed to gift this vehicle to them to save the force substantial sums.

02-11-2015 20151102 Transfer of ownership of a vehicle
36/2015 PCC Alterations Licence for Barnard Castle to accommodate the fire station 06-11-2015 2015-11-06 Licence for Alterations to Barnard Castle Station
37/2015 PCC Proposed filming at Spennymoor Police Station 20-11-2015

2015-11-17 Sixteen Films Signed Licence

IDB Location Agreement Durham

37A/2015 PCC Through the Eyes of a Child 23-11-2015  2015-11-23 Through the eyes of a child
38/2015 PCC Reserve price agreed for Bowburn and Wheatley Hill Secton Offices 25-11-2015  Report on Bowburn and Wheatley Hill Section Offices
39/2015 PCC Approval for agreement of Police Interceptors 30-11-2015  
40/2015 PCC Approval to market Barnard Castle Police Station once new facility is open 04-12-2015  2015-12-04 Proposed sale of Barnard Castle
41/2015 PCC Contribution of £1,000 towards provision of CCTV monitoring 14-12-2015  2015-12-14 CCTV Willington
42/2015 PCC Confirmation of the contribution of £1,000 to Darlington Cares  14-12-2015  2015-12-14 Darlington Cares
43/2015 PCC   Appointment of Legally Qualified Chairs 21-12-2015

Appointment of Legally Qualified Chairs

Appendix A - Appointed Legally Qualified Chairs

Appendix B - LQC - Terms of Appointment

Appendix C - LQC - Fee Schedule

44/2015 PCC Victim Needs Assessments and Referral Service 18-12-2015

2015-12-18 Victim Referral Report Final

45 (101) / 2015  PCC Joint agreement with Cleveland PCC to appoint new victim service from 1 April 2016 9-12-2015

2015-December-Joint Cleveland & Durham Decision Notice-Victims Services

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