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2016 Decision Log

Decisions made in 2016 either by the Police, Crime and Victims' Commissioner, or by those with delegated authority, are recorded and published below. All accompanying reports (which can be made publicly available) will also be added to the following table.


Register of Decisions:











    DECISIONS MADE IN 2016:    
01/2016 PCC Agreement to contribute to the N8 Policing Research Partnership   11.01.16 N8 Collaboration Agreement
02/2016 PCC Consult on a 1.98% increase in Council Tax (precept) for 2016-17 11.01.16 Precept Consultation Paper
03/2016 PCC Develop a Pre-Sentence Court based Restorative Justice Provision 11.01.16 2016-003 Pre Sentence Court RJ
04/2016 PCC Approval of the asset Management lease for Framwellgate section office  13.01.16  
05/2016 PCC Increase of salary of the post of Chief of Staff  15.01.16 2016-005 Revision of CoS Salary in the PCC Office..
06/2016 PCC Approval of Police Interceptors agreement 02.02.16  
07/2016 PCC / PCP Police and Crime Panel approval of Precept consultation  02.02.16  2016-02-02 PCP approval of precept consultation
08/2016 PCC Approval of Police ICT Company Business Plan consultation  12.02.16  2016-008 Police ICT Company Business Plan Consultation.. 
09/2016 PCC Process for the allocation of the PCC Community Safety Fund through County Durham Community Foundation 15.02.16 2016-009 CDCF Change of Criteria 
10/2016 PCC A contribution to the 2016/17 Durham Pride event 07.03.16  2016-010 Contribution to 2016 Durham Pride Event 
11/2016 PCC Approval of the formation of a single major investigation team 21.03.16  2016-011 Joint Major Investigation Team 
12/2016 PCC To approve grant funding of £17,800 to Show Racism the Red Card 14.03.16 2016-012 Show Racism the Red Card 
13/2016 PCC To approve funding for an RJ Case Management System 14.03.16  2016-013 RJ Case Management System 
14/2016 PCC Safe in Tees Valley Grant £17,524 from 01.04.2016 to 31.03.2017, to host a Victims Research and Development Manager 16.03.16 2016-014 Victims Research & Development Manager 
15/2016 PCC Safe in Tees Valley service grant to help victims cope and aid their recovery 17.03.16 2016-015 Imediate Support for Victims of Crime 
16/2016 PCC Continuance the secondment of the RJ co-ordinators 17.03.16 2016-016 RJ Coordinators 
17/2016 PCC Funding of the Victim Care & Advice module and supporting hardware 17.03.16 2016-017 Victim Care & Advisory System Module and Access Hardware 
18/2016 PCC Agreement to appoint Lifeline 18.03.16 2016-018 Check Point Navigators from Lifeline 
19/2016 PCC Agreement to appoint NPS 18.03.16 2016-019 Check Point Navigators from NPS 
20/2016 PCC PCC Community Safety Partnership allocations for 2016-17 18.03.16 2016-020 Community Safety Funding Allocations 
21/2016 PCC Barnardo's CSE Projects 18.03.16 2016-021 Barnardos CSE Projects 
22/2016 PCC Restorative Justice Lead  Facilitator role 18.03.16 2016-022 Restorative Solutions 
23/2016 PCC Red Sigma Collaboration Agreement 22.03.16 2016-023 Red Sigma Collaboration Agreement 
24/2016 PCC Grant of a license to the PCC for Northumberland to use Peterlee for archive and storage 22.03.16 2016-024 Archive storage Peterlee for Northumbria ONPCC 
25/2016 PCC Contribution towards the counselling service 22.03.16 2016-025 RSACC 
26/2016 PCC Contribution towards Soroptomist International North East 29.01.16 2016-026 Soroptomists 
27/2016 PCC Support the community mediation referral 22.03.16 2016-027 Support for Community Mediation Referral 
28/2016 PCC Contribution to the community peer network project 22.03.16 2016-028 Community Peer Mentors Project 
29/2016 PCC Approval of occupying of office 26.04.16 2016-029 PCC Report Parsons Court 
30/2016 PCC Licence to occupy ground floor office within Darlington Police Station 01.06.16 2016-030 Workstation within Darlington Police Station for probation 
31/2016 PCC Collaborative Secondment of the DCC to the role of Interham CC of South Yorkshire 24.07.16 2016-031 South Yorkshire fully signed Collaboration Agreement for secondment of Chief Officer 
32/2016 PCC Mechanical ventilation and air heating colling systems at Peterlee Station 13.06.16 2016-032 Peterlee Police Station Mechanical Ventilation Contract.doc 
33/2016 PCC Recovering Justice Budget Proposal 21.08.16 2016-033 Recovering Justice Budget Proposal 
34/2016 PCC Extension of Community Peer Mentors Project 10.08.16 2016-034 Peer Mentors to Bishop Auckland.doc2 
35/2016 PCC Appointment of a young PCVC 16.09.16 2016-035 Young PCVC 
36/2016 PCC Extension of Chief Constable's fixed term appointment 29.09.16 2016-036 Extension of Chief Constables Contract 
37/2016 PCC To make a contribution to the Safe Durham Partnership Local Governement Association Peer review 30.09.16 2016-037 Contribution to the Safe Durham Partnership LGA peer review
38/2016 PCC To make a contribution to the Just for Women Centre in Stanley - £8000 a year in 2016-17 and 2017-18 to support the THREAD project which supports vulnerable women. 31.10.16 2016-038 Just for Women Centre 
39/2016 PCC To fund Social Enterprise Acumen with a fee of £2100 to support the Just for Women Centre in Stanley to develop a sustainable business model. 31.07.16 2016-039 Acumen Social Enterprise
40/2016 PCC To fund County Durham YOS Parent support Group / Intervention Programme (£5,000): CDYOS Parenting Support Group (PSG) delivers an accredited peer support parenting programme to parent/carers who have been victims of their son/daughter's offending. 31.10.16 2016-040 County Durham YOS Parent Support Group and Intervention Programme
41/2016 PCC

To fund County Durham YOS With Youth in Mind (£5,000): This group is for young victims of youth crime and acts as both a mentoring forum and support group for young victims.

31.10.16 2016-041 County Durham YOS With Youth in Mind
42/2016 PCC

To fund County Durham Youth Offending Service (CDYOS), Clear Cut Communication: Training & Resource Development (£10,000): to provide a specialist post to undertake training (through liaison with the RJ Co-ordinator for Durham & Darlington) and develop resource for professionals working with victims of young offenders (£10,000).

31.10.16 2016-042 County Durham YOS Clear Cut Communication
43/2016 PCC

To fund Harbour (£13,108) to deliver an Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy Service in court.

31.10.16 2016-043 Harbour, IDVA Remand Court and SVDV Court
44/2016 PCC

To fund an Independent Sexual Violence Advocate Service(ISVA) and training courses for volunteers (£20,000)

01.09.16 2016-044 RSACC, ISVA, ISVA Training Courses for Volunteers, Victim Engagement Consultation
45/2016 PCC

To fund an Independent Sexual Violence Advocate (ISVA) based at the Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre (RSACC) for two days per week (£14,400)

31.10.16 2016-045 RSACC, ISVA 2 days per week
46/2016 PCC

To fund an advocacy service for victims of crime with mental health needs, to be provided by Advocacy Centre North (£35,000).

31.10.16 2016-046 Mental Health Advocacy
47/2016 PCC

To fund an advocacy service for victims of hate crime to be delivered by a partnership comprising of Gay Advice Darlington and Durham (GADD), Show Racism the Red Card and Darlington Association on Disability (DAD) (£45,000).

31.10.16 2016-047 Hate Crime Advocacy
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