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Revenge Report Demands Reform


Revenge Report Demands Reform

 Durham Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg welcomes the growing tide of opinion calling for the criminalisation of those distributing ‘revenge pornography’. Mr Hogg is compiling a report of ‘human experience’ to be presented to relevant authorities and stakeholders.

 Yesterday the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill was debated in the House of Lords, where peers looked into potential punishments for publishing sexually explicit or pornographic images online without the consent of those featured.

 Commenting on the development, Mr Hogg said:

 “It is quite proper that the House of Lords is acting on this issue, which is known to devastate lives. The overwhelming majority of victims are women and girls, which highlights an underlying culture of misogyny that needs addressing.

 The need for legislative change has become obvious, as access to justice for these victims is unclear and often extremely drawn out. I hope the debate in the Lords will extend to the Commons for swift and considered action when Parliament reconvenes following the summer recess.

 In the meantime there are a huge range of partners doing great work in this field to draw attention to the issue, making sound proposals and providing much-needed support for victims.

 In order to do our bit, my office is currently compiling a report into people’s experiences of non-consensual pornography and the criminal justice system.

 We aim to highlight the frustrations of those involved in such cases; victims, police, legal professionals, and the third sector. We want our lawmakers to understand the full picture as outlined by real lived experience. Further to this, if any ‘revenge porn’ ex-offenders who now recognise the full destructive nature of their actions would like to help, this may be their opportunity”.

 If you are willing to contribute to our paper, please do contact us at enquiries@durham-pcc.gov.uk

 We will reply with a briefing explaining what we aim to do and how you can help. All contributors will be anonymised.

 As Parliament stirs on this issue, the public must continue to mount the pressure to enable victims to be fully protected by the law, and perpetrators to understand the full consequences of their actions.”


Posted on Tuesday 22nd July 2014
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