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Revenge is a dish best served with a sentence


Revenge is a dish best served with a sentence

Announcements earlier this week by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling indicating a willingness to consider stronger laws banning ‘revenge pornography’ have been welcomed by Ron Hogg, Durham’s Police and Crime Commissioner. Grayling has claimed that his government is “very open” to having a “serious discussion” about the issue once the summer recess is over.

‘Revenge porn’, also known as ‘non-consensual porn’, is the growing trend of people posting sexually explicit content of their ex-partners without their permission.

 Commenting on the issue, Mr Hogg said:

“Revenge porn is a particularly harmful form of public abuse that cannot be tolerated in our society. While serious discussion is to be welcomed, what victims desperately need is decisive action.

There are many laws loosely related to this issue, but no clear route to justice for the victims who have their most intimate and trusting moments exposed to friends, family and even employers.

The fact that this appalling activity continues to be on the rise would suggest that current legislation is neither causing perpetrators to think twice about their actions, nor providing adequate protection and support for victims.

 It is clear to me that there must be a strengthening of current laws to combat this alarming trend. If this reworking should prove awkward or unclear, then I would fully support a new law being enacted to ensure embittered ex’s are aware of the full criminal consequences of targeted and public psychological abuse”

Posted on Thursday 3rd July 2014
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