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Teenager has an unusual escort to his school prom


Kieran Maxwell with Durham Police officers

Teenager has an unusual escort to his school prom

A proud school teacher  wrote  to Durham Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg asking for help in escorting a remarkable young man to his prom. 

Kieran Maxwell from Heighington  is a far from ordinary 15 year old boy who has attended Hummersknott Academy during the last five years.

Kieran unfortunately fell ill at the age of 12 when he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. Kieran has subsequently undergone 3 – 4 years of intense treatment and an amputation due to the tumours that he has suffered that were untreatable.

Kieran has battled every day of the past 3 years and yet he has never given into his illness.

He has faced every challenge with a huge smile. Even when Kieran lost his leg he turned the entire situation around to be beneficial and this has enhanced the quality of his life.

Kieran is now pursuing the Paralympics with his gymnastics and is now running aided by his prosthetic leg enabling him to follow his dreams and aspirations for the future.

The one dream that Kieran had was to join the Police and as last night, Friday 11th July 2014, is the school prom at Hardwick Hall in Sedgefield, one of the hi-lights of the night is how the young people arrive.

A number of off duty police officers including  PC Nelson and PC Bonar from the Motorbike section and Sgt Malcolm, PC Hoseason, PC Spencer, and PC Wood  from Durham Roads Police unit volunteered their services to escort Kieran to the prom.

A convey of 3 cars and 2 bikes turned up to the surprised teenagers house  with sirens wailing and lights flashing to the surprise of the unsuspecting teenager Kieran said ”   I  heard all this noise out side my house and thought that they had come to arrest some one” he  was greated  by Sgt Malcom who  told him that they were their to escort him and his date to his school prom.

This was also a surprise to his mother speaking to her after the event she said ”I was only expecting one car it was a real shock to me and Kieran really loved it."

The surprises did not end there officers PC Nelson and PC Bonar presented Kieran with a £500 hundred pound cheque on behalf of Bikewise for his charity The Kieran Maxwell Fund.

Kieran was then taken under police escort on the 11 mile trip to his school prom to add to  the fun of the occasion for this a very brave teenager, small sections of traffic was stopped for the motorcade by motorcycle outsiders as the convoy made  its way to the prom.

At the School prom hundreds  of teenager and parents were stood around when  the motorcade arrived to the shock of the teenagers, the look of shock on some of there faces was priceless as  out stepped Kieran to cheers from the crowd  one teenager commented ” “What an entrance. I heard another comment ”Is it One Direction?”

Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg said, “I was genuinely moved when Kieran’s teacher wrote to me. I offered my full support and am extremely proud of the officers who have volunteered their services to forefil Kieran’s dream.

Helping people is what we are about and inspiring confidence in our communities is at the heart of our vision. Kieran is a young man who is an inspiration to others and I am proud that we are able to support him on this special occasion.”

Showing that inspite of the hardships Kieran has had to face in his life, he is just like any other normal teenager, when contacted by Crime and Justice the day after his prom his mother told us he was “in bed with a hang over” after the prom he went back to his friends house and  parents left a few cans of beer out for them, on the side was a bottle of gin ” They were told not to touch it”  Teens will be Teens.

To Learn more about Kieran go to www.kieranmaxwell.com.

To learn more about BikeWise go to www.bikewise.org.

Article and photos courtesy of www.crimeandjustice.co.uk.

Posted on Monday 14th July 2014
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