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Hate Hurts campaign launched

Hate Hurts stickers

The Hate Hurts campaign was launched today, with the backing of a huge number of organisations from across County Durham and Darlington. Speaking in advance of the launch, Ron Hogg said:

"We are showing that we are united against Hate Crime in Durham and Darlington. Hate Crime is very unpleasant of course. It’s different from so many other types of crime and incidents because it’s so personal. People are victimised because of who they are, and because of anything they’ve done. That’s why tackling Hate Crime has always been a priority for me, in my Police, Crime and Victims’ Plan.

The Police tell me that the number of hate crimes which are reported to the Police has been growing. The number has increased by about a quarter over the past four years. You might think that’s a bad thing – but I think it also reflects that people are more prepared than they used to be to report hate crimes to the Police. That’s really important. If you are a victim of hate crime, tell us and we can help you.

Five years ago I set up the Joint Hate Crime Action group. It is a multi-agency group of colleagues from many of your own organisations, in the public and community sectors, and it has overseen a number of projects to address hate crime. Many of the people here today are members of the Action Group.

In 2018 I hosted a Hate Crime Summit, at a conference centre in Newton Aycliffe. It was a brilliant event, attended by 120 people. The most important thing that came out of our conference was the need to put out some strong communications about tackling and reducing Hate Crime. That includes demonstrating how the Police, and all of our partners, take hate crime seriously – and want to do something about it. You will see a number of stories in the press over the coming months, showing how this has happened, and really made a difference to the victims – the people who experienced hate in the first place.

You will also see a united front against hate crime. All of our partners in the public sector are supportive. Community-based organisations are also supporting the campaign. And I would love to be able to walk down the Front Street in Bishop Auckland, or Seaham, or Darlington, and see the Hate Hurts logo in every shop window. That’s something we are working with our partners in the North East Chamber of Commerce to achieve.

This campaign is a big deal for me. We are united against hate crime in County Durham and Darlington. If you recognise it, please report it!”

More information can be found at www.hatehurts.co.uk and posters, window stickers and fliers are available from the Office of the Police, Crime and Victims’ Commissioner via general.enquiries@durham.pcc.pnn.gov.uk

Posted on Monday 4th March 2019
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