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Supporting Victims

A better deal for victims of crime

Supporting vulnerable people and victims of crime across the force area is central to the PCVC's  Police, Crime and Victims' Plan for 2016-21. One of the key objectives in the Plan is to represent the diverse interests of communities throughout County Durham and Darlington, including those of the vulnerable and victims.

As part of his role, the PCVC is the Chair of the Local Criminal Justice Board (LCJB) which brings together the work of partners to support victims of crime and witnesses. This helps to improve the victim’s journey through the criminal justice system. The LCJB also co-ordinate rehabilitation services which encourage people to turn away from the criminal lifestyle.

The PCVC meets with a number of victim related services in order to create and maintain important links, and works with them to address the key areas he is focussing on in his Police and Crime Plan.

Reporting the facts:

In October 2016, Ron pledged to turn promises of improved support for victims, into reality, in his latest report 'Delivering change for victims and witnesses: from policy to reality'. It outlines ambitious plans by Ron, to improve the experience of victims and witnesses and ensure their voices are heard. The report is a refresh of where services are now for victims and witnesses of crime.

Click on the image below to view the latest report:

Delivering change for victims and witnesses-cover 

Previous report:

Ron's previous report, which highlighted how a victims' needs are central to his work as PCC, was published in September 2014. You can view the previous report below:


If you have been affected by crime


Durham Constabulary

In an emergency, always call 999. If it is not urgent, please call 101.

Click here for contact details for your local police force.


Victim Care and Advice Service

Ron commissioned the Victim Care and Advice Service (which is ran by the organisation Safe in Tees Valley) to provide the necessary advice and support to people from 1 April 2016, who have been affected by crime in County Durham and Darlington. This service was previously provided by Victim Support.

As well as supporting the victim, Victim Care and Advice Service also provide advice and support to the victim's family and friends.

You can contact Victim Care and Advice Service by telephone, on Tel: 0303 0401 0999 or email: info@safeinteesvalley.org.


Victims' Information Service

This nationwide service helps you find local support after a crime takes place. Recently launched in August 2015, it brings together information on what will happen after reporting a crime, the people you might meet, the help you should get and how to complain if something goes wrong:


Your entitlements as a victim of crime


Victims' Code

The Code of Practice for Victims of Crime came into force on 10 December 2013. This is a statutory Government document which sets out the information, support and services that victims of crime are entitled to receive from criminal justice agencies in England and Wales. These criminal justice agencies include the Police and Crown Prosecution Service.

The Code covers the support victims should expect at every stage of the process from reporting a crime to post-trial support. This includes an entitlement to make a Victim Personal Statement (VPS) explaining how the crime has affected you emotionally, financially or in any other way, and an entitlement to be kept informed about the progress of a court trial.

The new Code sets out enhanced support for victims of the most serious crime, persistently targeted and vulnerable or intimidated victims. It also includes a section dedicated to the needs of children and young people, their parents and guardians.

Businesses that are victims are also covered by the Victims’ Code, which sets out the specific entitlements they have if they are a victims of crime.

The following resources are available on the gov.uk website, as well as being made available below:


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