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The Police and Crime Panel

The Police and Crime Panel


The Durham Police and Crime Panel (PCP), which is currently hosted by Durham County Council, provides checks and balances on the work of the Police Crime and Victims' Commisioner (PCVC). The Panel does not scrutinise Durham Constabulary, but scrutinises and supports the work of the Durham Police and Crime and Victims' Commissioner (PCVC).  

The Panel has a key role in constructively challenging the PCVC, and in supporting their role in enhancing the public accountability of the force.

The Panel is constituted of ten elected councillors, seven from Durham County Council and three from Darlington Borough Council. There are also two additional co-opted members, helping to ensure that the Panel has a good mix of skills, knowledge and experience to carry out its work.

The Panel has a number of powers and responsibilities, including to:

  • review the draft police and crime plan
  • publicly scrutinise the PCVC's annual report
  • review and scrutinise decisions and actions by the PCVC
  • review and veto the PCVC's proposed precept levels
  • review the PCVC's conduct
  • review and confirm the PCVC's proposed appointments of Chief Constable, Chief Executive, Chief Finance Officer and Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner
  • administer complaints in relation to the handling and determination of complaints against the PCVC and / or Deputy PCVC


Agendas and Minutes for the meetings of the Panel are available to the public.    


The list in the table below shows recent correspondence between the PCVC and the Police and Crime Panel.



PCVC Letter - Police Precept 2020-21

PCP Letter - Police Precept 2020-21


PCVC Letter – Police Precept 2019-20

PCP Letter – Police Precept Consultation 2019-20

PCVC Draft Letter to Police and Crime Panel 2019-20

PCVC Letter - Annual Report 2018-19

PCP Letter - Annual Report 2018-19


PCVC Letter – Police Precept 2018-19

PCVC Letter – Police, Crime and Victims’ Plan 2018-21

PCP Letter – Police, Crime and Victims’ Plan 2018-21

PCVC Letter – Annual Report 2017-18

PCP Letter – Annual Report 2017-18


PCVC Letter – Police Precept 2017-18

PCP Letter – Police Precept Consultation 2017-18

Consultation Document on Proposed Increase to the Police Precept   2017-18

PCVC Letter – Annual Report 2016-17


PCVC Letter – Police, Crime and Victims’ Plan 2016-21

PCP Letter – Police, Crime and Victims’ Plan 2016-21

PCC Letter – Annual Report 2015-16

PCP Letter – Annual Report 2015-16


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