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Reduce the harm caused by Drugs

Drugs cause immense harm for the communities of Durham and Darlington and this is why the PCVC is committed to reducing the harm.

What does the PCVC wish to achieve?

A reduction in the harm caused to individuals and society by drugs:

•             A reduction in drug use

•             An increase in treatment provision

•             An increase in the number of people accessing support for treatment and recovery

•             A reduction in the number of drug related deaths and illnesses

•             A reduction in the number of crimes committed and number of victims

•             Disruption of organised crime groups

•             Improved community safety, reduction in drug paraphernalia in the streets

•             Cost savings for the public sector


How will the PCVC’s aspirations be achieved?

1. hold a fundamental review of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, and of UK Drug Policy

2. ensure that our approach is firmly based on evidence

3. support fully funded effective education and prevention.

4. develop effective responses to reduce the harm caused by drugs.

5. promote cost-effective specialist drug treatment and recovery as a proven way to reduce crime and make communities safer.

6. protect the vulnerable by supporting alternatives to the criminalisation of people who use drugs and focus efforts on tackling the organised crime groups.

Read the PCVC’s policy position summary here:

 drug policy

 Following the UK Drug Policy: More Harm Than Good Symposium in 2017, the PCVC has released the UK Drug Policy: More Harm than Good Two Years on Report.  

Ron’s manifesto:

Click to download a copy of the policy

International symposium about the future of Drug Policy in the UK


Plans to use naloxone in custody suites, as drug deaths rise again


Pioneering harm reduction drug safety testing service


Campaigning against the failing Government drug policy



UK Drug Policy: More Harm Than Good Conference 



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