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Police Performance



Durham has an excellent Police Force; one that puts victims first and cuts crime by getting to the thick of the issues and solving problems. Durham Constabulary has recently achieved high grading standards by external inspectors Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary's (HMIC).

You can find out more about how your Police, Crime and Victims' Commissioner (PCVC), Ron Hogg, holds the Chief Constable to account, and recent inspections, on the following links:


Police performance

As well as holding the Chief Constable to account, the PCVC has a duty to monitor police performance. As part of this, Ron has introduced a quarterly Public Performance Report, with the aim of ensuring performance data is more transparent and easier to understand.

This new and interactive document will help the public to have a greater understanding of how Ron fulfils the scrutiny part of his role, whilst giving residents a greater understanding of how their local police force is performing. The new style report enables the public to see how the Constabulary is performing in relation to key priorities.

In the report below, you can view performance in relation to crime, public confidence, victim satisfaction or by individual policing priorities, such as anti-social behaviour or road safety issues.  You can also leave comments and ask questions at the bottom this page.

Ron publishes this report four times a year.

View the latest Public Performance Report

To view the report Click Here.


RH Performance


Your feedback is welcomed. If you would like to provide feedback on the report, please use the comments option at the bottom of this page.  


Performance reports






(Note: the user-friendly quarterly Public Performance Report began in February 2015)

View the 2014-15 year-end performance report - as of March 2015

> View the February 2015 (Quarter 3) performance report

Earlier years

View the 2013-14 year-end performance data - as of Mar 2014

> View the 2012-13 year-end performance data - as of Mar 2013


More information


Further performance information is available on the external website links provided below: 

> Durham Constabulary (Performance information on Durham Constabulary's website)

> Police.uk (Street level maps and data about policing in your area)

> HMIC (External inspection reports for Durham Constabulary)


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