Police Crime & Victims Plan

This page sets out information on the Police Crime & Victims Plan and what priorities have been set.

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Police Crime and Victims' Plan

The Police Crime and Victims Plan sets out the PCVC’s Vision, the outcomes they wish to achieve, along with twelve key priorities which will be the focus over the life of the plan.

The plan builds on the foundations of the previous plan, and once again emphasises the role of the PCVC in holding the Constabulary to account.

The Plan sets out the PCVC's vision, “County Durham and Darlington are areas where all communities are safe, victims and vulnerable people feel supported, crime and reoffending are low, and people have confidence in policing and the criminal justice system’.

The plan is a refreshed version of the previous plan. It introduces four ‘outcomes’, replacing the three ‘aims’ in the previous plan.

  • Communities are safe and crime is reduced
  • Victims and the vulnerable feel supported
  • Reoffending is reduced and rehabilitation is improved
  • People have confidence in the police and the criminal justice system

This change emphasises the importance of delivery, in partnership.  It also takes the objectives of the Local Criminal Justice Partnership (LCJP) Plan, and the action plans of the two Community Safety Partnerships and associates them with the new outcomes of the Plan. The new plan therefore represents real co-delivery by a wide partnership of organisations.

Putting victims first remains the golden thread of the plan, with a stronger emphasis on reducing re-offending.

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The Work Plan

This Work Plan takes the Police, Crime and Victims’ Plan 2018-21, which was produced by the late Ron Hogg when he was Police, Crime and Victim’s Commissioner, and adds actions under each priority. Those actions are how the PCVC asks Durham Constabulary to deliver and achieve the outcomes and priorities as set in the Police, Crime and Victims’ Plan.

In this new version of the Work Plan, dated May 2020, there is the inclusion of actions for the Constabulary as they address the needs of communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has combined all those actions into one section, outcome ‘Communities are safe and crime is reduced’. In continuing to work with other agencies to address the impact of COVID19, the Constabulary will ensure the principle of policing by consent and independence from Government.

This document is updated at regular intervals throughout the year after the PCVC has held the monthly accountability meetings with the Chief Constable.

View the PCVC Work plan here

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