Rural Crime

People who live in rural areas need to feel safe and we will strive to deliver support to these community members.

Rural Policy

Improve Community Safety In Rural Areas

‘Improve Community Safety in Rural Areas’ is one of the Police and Crime  Commissioners policies. Thus, he wants to do this, and for people living in rural areas across County Durham and Darlington to have confidence that their concerns are both understood and taken seriously by the police.

A copy of the policy position on rural policing and copies of the annual rural statement can be accessed through the links at the bottom of this page.

Recent Rural Policy Activity

Read below a selection of just some of the recent work the PCC has been engaged with on this priority area.

Rural Policing Statement 2020

The rural areas of County Durham and Darlington have great scenery and are wonderful places to live for many. The crime rate is also relatively low, but we need to be aware that crime does still take place. As a rural police force, Durham Constabulary faces a wide range of challenges within its rural communities, notably in its deeply rural areas.

It is often different from the kind of crime which exists in more urban, and other rural, environments, which we all need to work together to address.

In 2016 we set out a vision for rural policing:

“People living in the rural areas of County Durham and Darlington will feel safe. They will know that their concerns about crime and anti-social behaviour will be understood and addressed by the Police and partners.”

Local people, working hand-in-hand with their local police officers, can make a real difference to the safety of their communities. That partnership continues to be important and is the focus of this year’s Rural Statement.

The 2020 Rural Statement is written in accordance with Ron Hogg’s Police and Crime Plan. It was released in October 2019, whilst Ron was unwell and Steve White was in post as acting Police and Crime Commissioner.