Safer Countryside

Understand and respond to the needs of rural communities and tailor services accordingly.

Safer Countryside is one of the PCCs six key priorities

The PCC will work with the Chief Constable and partners to:

  • Tackle fly‐tipping in rural areas and invest in and support rural policing to prevent crime.
  • Support the force and rural communities in their use of new technologies to keep our communities safe.
  • Strengthen and support Rural Watch.
  • Introduce a Rural Road Users Advisory Panel and bring Local Authorities, elected members, rural business, farmers, horse riders, cyclists, and ramblers to address and respond to dangerous road users and accident black spots.
  • Support the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents campaign targeting rural motorcyclists.
  • Increase levels of crime reporting in rural communities.
Joy Allen working with farmers
  • Expand the community safety responder programme in rural areas.
  • Work with the Home Office, Ministry of Justice and Police and Crime Commissioners to facilitate a co‐ordinated approach to rural crime.
  • Ensure rural police teams are more visible and accessible ‐ and there are nominated and visible local officers or PSCOs.
  • Increase confidence of rural communities in policing by improving community safety through a Rural Safety Plan, to be developed in consultation with the rural community (via bespoke surveys) and Durham Constabulary.
  • Encourage effective cross‐border collaboration on rural crime and affairs.
  • Work with partner organisations to identify ways to make it easier and quicker to make safety improvements on country roads to address rural speeding and undertake targeted rural safety enforcement.
  • Ensure reports of crime in rural areas are investigated in a timely manner.
Joy Allen working with farmers