This page outlines the current and past consultations within The Durham Police and Crime Commissioner's Office

Current Surveys

We are working with American company Elucd to use innovative technology to improve engagement and understand what the communities across County Durham and Darlington are in relation to policing.

We are the first organisation in Europe to partner with Elucd. The technology uses surveys, through ad space on social media platforms to broaden community engagement, innovative algorithms to ensure that the data collected is from across the community. However, you can access the survey through a weblink too.

This in turn is then used to address the top concerns within communities and can reveal trends. The company have a strong history of working with policing organisations across the world, including the New York City Police Department.

We want to reassure people that if they see an ad for the survey, it is not a scam, it is a genuine survey on behalf of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

This technology will enhance the face to face engagement undertaken by the office. It is very useful during this Covid-19 Crisis, when we aren’t able to speak to people directly.


Previous Public Consultations

Since the original election in November 2012, The Police and Crime Commissioner has consulted with County Durham and Darlington residents and partner organisations on the following,.

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Council Tax (Precept)
Council Tax (precept) 2021-2022

Council Tax (precept) 2020 - 2021
January 2021

January 2020
Council Tax (precept) 2019 - 2020
January 2019
Council Tax (precept) 2018 - 2019
January 2018
Council Tax (precept) 2017 - 2018
January 2017
Council Tax (precept) 2016 - 2017
January 2016
Council Tax (precept) 2015 - 2016
January 2015
Council Tax (precept) 2014 - 2015
January 2014
Council Tax (precept) 2013 - 2014
December 2012
Police, Crime & Victims Plan
Police, Crime & Victims' Plan 2018 - 2021
May 2018
Police, Crime & Victims' Plan 2016 - 2021
July - September 2016
Police, Crime & Victims' Plan 2015 - 2017
December 2014
Police, Crime & Victims' Plan 2013 - 2017
February 2013
National Rural Crime Survey 2018
Summer 2018
Alcohol Consumption
June 2017
Employment Consultation
September 2017
Rural Crime and Policing Statement
March 2017
Community Remedy Document
August 2014
Equality Action Plan 2013 - 2017
February 2013
Policing Priorities 2013 - 2017
December 2012