Durham Police Cadets


This page outlines a number of ways that you can help and volunteer for the Durham Police and Crime Commissioner.

There are a number of opportunities available for residents across County Durham and Darlington, for those who are interested in volunteering and helping their community:

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Restorative Hub

Restorative justice offers a victim of crime the chance to communicate with their offender.

This could be done by meeting in person, by writing to one another, or by relaying messages through an impartial facilitator.

Tel : 0191 300 8460

Community Peer Mentor Project

The Community Peer Mentors support vulnerable and isolated people affected by significant life changing events, being victims of crime, anti-social behaviour, neighbour disputes -Perceived or Real, who through unfulfilled needs become high impact users on frontline statutory and non-statutory frontline services. 

Learn more about the project here

If you are interested in volunteering, contact Jim Cunningham for more information on:

Community Peer Mentor Scheme

Independent Custody Visitors

Independent Custody Visiting is a well-established system whereby trained volunteers attend police stations to check on the welfare and treatment of detainees and to ensure that their rights and entitlements are being correctly observed.

It offers protection to both detainees and the police, and reassurance to the community at large.

Contact us for further information.

Police Support Volunteers

Durham Constabulary aims to deliver an excellent, customer-focused service to the people of County Durham and Darlington.

Any other volunteering opportunities in the future will be advertised on the Durham Constabulary website.

Visit the Durham Constabulary website for further information.

Further volunteering opportunities - local organisations: