Please see below information relating to the latest Durham Police, Crime & Victims Commissioner elections.

Elections 2021

Police, Crime & Victim Commissioners (PCVCs) are elected every four years.  The term of the current PCVC runs until 13 May 2021.

The date of the next PCVC election for England and Wales is 6 May 2021.

To read about the roles and responsibilities of a PCVC please visit the Home Office or the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners.

He attends meetings such as Residents Associations, Parish Councils, Area Action Partnerships, Community Fairs, Agricultural Shows, etc.

You can read more about the role in Durham

Confirmed Candidates
Joy Allen
Anne-Marie Currie
George Jabbour

You can download and view the PCC Candidate Briefing below which explores the roles and responsibilities of the PCC in more depth as well as functions within the Office.

PCC Prospective Candidate's Briefing

 A joint online briefing session with Durham Constabulary for prospective PCC candidates was held on Monday 12th April at 13:30pm via Microsoft Teams.

PCC Pre-Election Briefing - DCC Dave Orford
PCC Prospective Candidate’s Briefing- Interim CEO Sharon Caddell

The PCC has the mandate for ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of policing services across County Durham and Darlington. PCCs are elected by the public to hold Chief Constables and the force to account, thus making the police answerable to the communities they serve. The session will cover how the PCC sets the police and crime objectives for their area through a police, crime and victims plan and how they work closely with the force to ensure there is a unified approach to preventing and reducing crime.  
To register to the online session please email General.EnquiriesPCVC@durham.police.uk

APCC Briefing on the outcomes of Phase One of the PCC Review, and next steps

The Home Office has published the recommendations of phase one of the Government’s Review of the role of PCCs in a Written Ministerial Statement.

The two-part review was announced in July 2020 and delivers on a manifesto commitment to strengthen the accountability of PCCs and expand their role. 

The initial recommendations will enhance the role of the PCC by:
 •             Changing the PCC voting system to first-past-the-post, so the public can vote out those who are failing to deliver. This will create stronger and clearer local accountability, and reflect that transferable voting systems were rejected by the British people in the 2011 nationwide referendum
•             Making sure PCCs provide the public with clear information on their force’s performance
•             Mandating the appointment of deputy PCCs to ensure continuity in unforeseen circumstances
•             Making changes to ensure more effective and consistent relationships between PCCs and Chief Constables Please download the briefing paper on the Review recommendations, including an outline of the APCC’s next steps. The second part of the Review will take place after the May2021 elections and the government will communicate more about these plans in due course.

Please download the briefing paper on the Review recommendations, including an outline of the APCC’s next steps.

The outcome of Phase 1 of the PCC Review indicates the Government’s intention to consult on the governance of Fire & Rescue Services becoming the responsibility of Police & Crime Commissioners. PCC candidates may be interested in the content of the most recent ‘State of Fire’ report from Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Sir Tom Winsor, which has been uploaded onto our website for ease of access.

State of Fire and Rescue - The Annual Assessment of Fire and Rescue Services in England 2020

The second part of the Review will take place after the May 2021 elections and the government will communicate more about these plans in due course.

Durham PCVC Logo

There are a number of organisations who provide information and guidance about the role of the Police, Crime & Victims Commissioner (PCVC), including the below, click on the links to be redirect to their website:

Durham PCVC Logo

Association of Police & Crime Commissioners

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Association of Policing & Crime Chief Executives

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Cabinet Office

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College of Policing

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Committee on Standards in Public Life

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Crime Mapping

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Durham Constabulary

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Election briefing for candidates

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Freedom of Information Requests

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Local Government Association

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National Police Chiefs' Council

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Quarterly Performance Report

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To read more about election guidance for PCCs, including qualifications for standing as a candidate, please visit the Electoral Commission

This webpage will be updated regularly with additional material for the 2021 Election, including responses to requests for information from candidates. The Office of the PCC will be providing information about the role of a PCC and will hold a holding a briefing event.  Once the date for this has been set, details will be made available on this page.

You can find explanation of the need for fair funding for Durham Constabulary.

The current Interim Chief Executive & Monitoring Officer Sharon Caddell, would be happy to discuss the role with prospective candidates.  For more information please contact general.enquiries@durham.pcc.pnn.police.uk or telephone 0191 375 2001.

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