Reporting ASB

If you have not yet reported the anti-social behaviour to the relevant authority, then you must first do this to allow them to respond and tackle the problem.  You can report your incident to the appropriate agency:

  • online
  • via web chat (where available)
  • by phone
  • in person; or
  • in writing

If you have access to a desktop or mobile device, the quickest way to report your incident is online.  You can use our interactive signposting guide to help you report your incident to the right agency.

You can also view our report on how we are tackling Anti-social Behaviour here

Two Street Wardens

Click on the items below to read more about who you should you report your anti-social behaviour incident to

Anti-Social Behaviour Related Harassment & Intimidation
Begging & Rough Sleepers
Drugs & Alcohol
Environmental & Waste
Fire / Fireworks
Graffiti & Vandalism
Hate Crime
Other Nuisance
Vehicle Nuisance

ASB Agency Contacts

Report your incident to the right agency, first time.  If you haven’t already done so, use our interactive signposting tool or check out our Reporting ASB page to find out who to report your ASB to.

Reporting Your Incident – Agency Contact Details

Registered Housing Providers

Housing associations include providers of former council housing.  Council housing in the following areas is now provided by registered providers: