PCC highlights valuable work of Crimestoppers after anonymous reports from County Durham and Darlington surge by almost a third.

March 2, 2023

Police and Crime Commissioner Joy Allen has praised the work of Crimestoppers after new data revealed anonymous reports from the force area had surged in the past 12 months.

Information received by the charity and passed on to Durham Constabulary rose from 1,922 to 2,526 for the calendar year 2022 – a rise of 31 per cent.

Crimestoppers reports were made on all types of crime including violence, drug trafficking, drink and drug driving and `hidden harms’ such as domestic abuse.

The PCC welcomed the figures and said they highlighted increased trust and confidence among the public to report crime and protect vulnerable people from harm.

“Information submitted to Crimestoppers can save lives and offer the ‘missing clue’ to bring dangerous and prolific offenders to justice,” she said.

“At the very least, it helps police officers monitor criminal activity in their areas and develop proactive operations to disrupt future offending.

“Building confidence in the work of the police is critical to my own work as Police and Crime Commissioner. Crimestoppers is a well-established brand that our communities recognise and trust.

“I am pleased these figures show an increasing number of residents are turning to the charity - online and on the phone - to share information that could aid Durham’s Constabulary’s work. Over the next 12 months, I will be working hard to increase reporting on a whole range of issues that impact the lives of local people including drug crime, drunk/drug drivers, off-road bikes and serious and organised crime and Crimestoppers will continue to be promoted as a vital option for those who don’t want to give their personal details, but know something that may help keep people safe and protect people from harm.”

Anonymous reports from the community are invaluable in helping to catch criminals or stop the harm they cause.

Members of the public can report crime using the charity’s freephone number 0800 555 111 or secure online form at https://crimestoppers-uk.org/

Crimestoppers is independent of the police and guarantees complete anonymity to everyone who contacts them.

Fleur Brown, North East Regional Manager for the charity Crimestoppers, said;

“We know it can be difficult to talk about crime, especially if it’s about people who may be close to home. Our charity gives people in the North East and across the country a vital 100% anonymous route to sharing what you know about crime.

“It is great to see the people of County Durham and Darlington trusting our service, and wanting to do the right thing to help bring criminals to justice and protect this community and their loved ones.

“Here at Crimestoppers, we do not want to know who you are, just what you know. When you contact us there’s no comeback, no police, no courts or witness statements. Tell us what you know, and you’re done. We continue to reach out to people across County Durham and Darlington to remember that they have options and can always talk to us if they prefer not to give any personal details.”

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