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Cleveland and Durham Local Criminal Justice Partnership

This page details information on the Cleveland and Durham Local Criminal Justice Partnership we work closely with.

Local Criminal Justice Partnership for Cleveland and Durham brings together agencies with responsibility for delivering criminal justice services across our areas.

The criminal justice landscape is complex and multi-faceted - and no single agency is responsible for the system as a whole.

Partnership working has been given further importance as the PCC will be responsible for a variety of funding streams from 2013 which were previously allocated directly to other partners.

It is vital that criminal justice agencies are unified in their ambition and work together in the most efficient and effective way possible, to improve outcomes both for victims of crime and people who offend.

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Here in Cleveland and Durham, there is a real willingness for partnership working. Following a review of the Criminal Justice Board, it was agreed that the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland and the Office of the Durham Police, Crime and Victims’ Commissioner would work together to pursue a vision for an end to end criminal justice system that discourages silo working & delivers positive outcomes for victims as well as preventing offending & reoffending.

As part of this review, a small, joint collaborative criminal justice team has been formed to work across both Cleveland and Durham. The team will work in support of the Partnership as a whole and undertake in-depth analysis to better understand how to improve services collectively as well as harnessing opportunities to develop local innovation.


The partners have agreed a clear vision:

“County Durham, Darlington and Cleveland are areas where people have confidence in a local criminal justice system which supports victims, rehabilitates offenders and reduces re-offending, and delivers value for money.

We will achieve this by taking a whole-system approach so that by 2021 we have an end-to-end local criminal justice system, which operates effectively across organisational boundaries and supports an independent judiciary, to deliver seamless services and positive outcomes for victims, witnesses and people who offend, alongside the effective and efficient delivery of justice.

The local criminal justice system will play a key role in keeping communities safe, supporting positive social outcomes, preventing harm and reducing demand on services, and growing the local economy.”

The innovative new plan has three core objectives to be delivered by 2021:

Partnership working is crucial if there is to be real lasting change. We are collectively committed to making this Partnership visible, accountable and influential locally and nationally.

Our Criminal Justice Partnership values the relationships we have developed, acknowledges the need for greater connectivity and joint working, and will be accountable through a collective performance framework. We know that this plan will help us to achieve this exciting and ambitious vision.